How to Use a Cordless Steam Mop to Keep your Photo Studio Spotless

One of the things us Photographers don’t discuss a whole lot is how to keep our studios clean and smelling fresh.  Because we all know that the last thing we want our clients to see is a dirty stinky studio.  So today I am going to go a little different direction and talk about a recent purchase of mine and why I think every studio needs one.  Simply put it makes cleaning super easy!!

While examining the Shark Cordless Steam Mop in order to create this testimonial I virtually quit on it due to the fact that one function– that truly become a plus– seemed to test my typically rational nature.

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It was the capability to turn the head from one side to the other that I could not find out once I did, I have to say I was fairly pleased; sufficient to ensure that I have actually given that offered it to my oldest kid to utilise in his brand-new flat and also he’s been utilizing it for a year currently without any concerns.

It’s not the ideal option for everyone however it’s ideal for his tiny place and also the abuse it’s surely extracted from him and also his two flatmates.

This is a stick style steam mop that could only be utilized for cleaning tough floors. It does not vacuum nor does it tidy carpet as well as you can’t use it to clean vertical surfaces (so no tub walls, home windows or mirrors).

It needs no chemicals and runs just on water.

It’s really lightweight (not that much heavier than a traditional mop) and a lot easier to use compared to dragging out a pail as well as squeezing out a wet mop head.

The best shark steam mop wipe has a rectangle-shaped designed head (although a triangular designed head can be acquired separately) and has about a 10.5″ cleansing path (the width when a pad is attached). The height of the head itself with the pad connected is 2″ and also if you lay the handle standard to the flooring it has to do with 5″ high. That gives you respectable adaptability for going under furniture such as a buffet cupboard or work table and quickly goes under cabinetries.

The head both swivels– so you could infiltrate edges, around table legs and behind toilets partly– AND adores so that you can make use of the other side of the cleaning pad without needing to quit, eliminate the pad as well as change it with a second. It also does a good work obtaining right along the edges of your floor.

Shark calls the cleaning pads “pockets” since they’re two sided and wrap totally around the top and bottom of the mop head as compared to the fixed pads on other designs that affix just to the bottom of the head.

shark steam mop

This design of cleaning up pad take a little bit more effort to affix as well as I discovered the Velcro strips that hold the opening together fought me when functioning to put the pad over the head. I needed to come down on my knees to put it on and also having actually been spoiled by the kind where you just throw the pad on the flooring and place the head on top of it this did– simply perhaps– obtain me a little frustrated.

Vapor sponges are like the 3 bears in Goldilocks when it involves producing vapor. They either do not produce enough which makes the pad too completely dry so it does not glide throughout the flooring effortlessly; or they put out also much steam which makes the mop pad also damp, leaves the floors wetter compared to you want and also calls for transforming pads regularly during one cleaning session; or they’re just appropriate as well as glide throughout the floor easily lasting with a whole cleansing.

The Shark S3501 is a little bit on the “inadequate heavy steam” side. It may be the outcome of the thick cleaning pad. While heavy steam does come with and the pad does a great task of cleaning, it does not cross the flooring without some effort on your part.

This suggests that a person pad– especially given that you could utilize both sides– does last throughout the cleansing of a minimum of 800 sq. feet without needing to be changed and does get right into even the patterns and also grooves in flooring but you’re going to place in some hand-operated work.

It’s still far simpler, less gruelling as well as much less messy compared to a typical mop, yet not as easy to make use of as some of the much more expensive versions. There’s a details feature of the handle that creates the most work however I’ll get involved in that in the Controls discussion listed below.

This additionally suggests that floorings dry promptly as it does not leave a bunch of water behind. So, if you have actually ever before had those times when one more grownup has actually strolled into the area, disregarded that you were actively mopping the flooring and also bruised across your still wet floors with unclean footwears you’ll be delighted that this one greatly minimizes the chances of that ever before taking place once more.

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